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Notizie commerciali e sui prodotti

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  • Automated 3D Scanning CMM Lasers
    Creaform annuncia la nuova e completa suite R-SeriesTM di soluzioni automatizzate per il controllo qualità dimensionale

    giovedì, settembre 24, 2020 741 giorni fa

    Il nuovo scanner integrato su robot MetraSCAN-R BLACK, i nuovi modelli della CMM a scansione 3D CUBE-R e il nuovo software per ambiente gemello digitale risolveranno molti dei problemi di produttività legati all'uso delle CMM

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  • The New Phantom S710 Offers up to 7Gpx/sec (87.5Gbps) for Machine Vision Applications

    martedì, giugno 2, 2020 855 giorni fa

    WAYNE, NJ (June 2, 2020) – Vision Research, leading manufacturer of Phantom High-Speed cameras, introduces the newest addition to its family of High-Speed Machine Vision Cameras, the Phantom S710 . The Phantom S710 brings unprecedented frame rates to machine vision applications, providing up to 7Gpx/sec (87.5 Gbps) throughput. This capability translates into over 7,200 frames per second (fps) at full 1280 x 800 resolution and over 700,000 fps at reduced resolutions.

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  • ametek_surface_vision Smartview_enhancements
    AMETEK Surface Vision Launches Preventative Maintenance Service to Support Optimum Performance of Inspection Systems

    mercoledì, maggio 13, 2020 875 giorni fa

    HAYWARD, CA, MAY 13,2020 – During the current global pandemic, it has become even more important to limit the need for on-site maintenance and repairs, while avoiding costly downtime.

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  • AMETEK MOCON Launches New High-Throughput Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer – MOCON AQUATRAN® 3/38

    giovedì, maggio 7, 2020 881 giorni fa

    Minneapolis, MN, (May 07, 2020) - AMETEK MOCON, the leading global provider of permeation analyzers, package testing instruments, and gas controllers/sensors, has launched a new high-throughput water vapor permeation analyzer, the AQUATRAN 3/38.

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  • EDAX Launches New Clarity Direct Electron Detector for EBSD

    mercoledì, maggio 6, 2020 882 giorni fa

    MAHWAH, NJ (May 6, 2020) – EDAX, Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has launched the world’s first commercially available direct electron detector designed for Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD).

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  • AMETEK Surface Vision Supports Increased Production of High-Quality Protective Medical Equipment

    martedì, maggio 5, 2020 883 giorni fa

    AMETEK Surface Vision is helping nonwoven material manufacturers meet increased demands for the production of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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  • EDAX Releases New Lambda WDS Product Line

    mercoledì, aprile 29, 2020 889 giorni fa

    MAHWAH, NJ, April 29, 2020 – EDAX, Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has announced the new Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS) series – Lambda.

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  • AMETEK MOCON Supports Sterilization and Medical Gas Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

    martedì, aprile 21, 2020 897 giorni fa

    Minneapolis, MN, (April 21, 2020) – AMETEK MOCON’s Baseline product group, a leading provider of industrial gas chromatographs and gas sensors, is prioritizing support for specific industries to ensure healthcare supplies continue to be delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will focus on medical personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers and sterilizers as well as impurity detection in specialty and medical gas industries.

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    lunedì, aprile 20, 2020 898 giorni fa

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN, (April 20, 2020) – AMETEK MOCON, a leading global provider of permeation analyzers, package testing instruments, and gas controllers/sensors, has launched a new wide range Oxygen Permeation Analyzer series called the OX-TRAN® 2/12.

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  • EDAX Releases New APEX Software for EDS and EBSD

    mercoledì, aprile 15, 2020 903 giorni fa

    MAHWAH, NJ, April 15, 2020 – EDAX, Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has introduced the latest version of its APEX™ software for integrated Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)-Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) applications.

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  • EDAX Announces Sales Agreement with Angstrom Scientific

    mercoledì, aprile 8, 2020 910 giorni fa

    MAHWAH, NJ, April 8, 2020 – EDAX, Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has signed a distributor agreement with Angstrom Scientific. The agreement allows Angstrom Scientific to sell all EDAX products in the United States.

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  • AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions Can Help Manufacturers Expand Production of Mission-Critical Products Needed to Fight COVID-19

    martedì, aprile 7, 2020 911 giorni fa

    KENT, OHIO – To help save lives and protect communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers are racing to expand production of urgently needed equipment. AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) can help.

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  • ORTEC® Releases Maestro-Pro Version 9

    venerdì, aprile 3, 2020 915 giorni fa

    Oak Ridge, TN, April 2, 2020 – The ORTEC® Products Group of AMETEK’s Material Analysis Division has released Maestro-Pro Version 9, a software application for alpha and gamma spectroscopy systems.

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  • Materials Testing Just Got Much Faster

    venerdì, aprile 3, 2020 915 giorni fa

    LARGO, USA – A new single-column universal testing machine from Lloyd Instruments provides ultra-high speed testing along with flexibility, reliability and highly accurate test results. The machine can provide results for all materials testing applications up to 5 kN, supporting test types such as tensile, compression, bend, friction, tearing, peeling, insertion/extraction, creep/relaxation and many others.

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  • New Lloyd Instruments Tablet Provides Easy Materials Testing

    martedì, marzo 31, 2020 918 giorni fa

    LARGO, USA – Lloyd Instruments introduces a new tablet for use with its LD Series materials testing machines with capacities ranging from 5 to 100 kN. The tablet is designed for users who are looking for an easy, reliable digital materials testing solution where no computer or knowledge of programming language is required.

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  • AMETEK Land Releases Technology to Help Contain Threat of COVID-19

    martedì, marzo 24, 2020 925 giorni fa

    SHEFFIELD, UK, MARCH 24, 2020 - AMETEK Land, a UK based global leader in temperature measurement, has released a fever screening thermal imaging system designed for highly accurate human body temperature measurement, which could play a fundamental role in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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  • Reichert Technologies® Signs Exclusive Deal for CATS™ Reusable Tonometer Prisms

    mercoledì, marzo 11, 2020 938 giorni fa

    BUFFALO, NY – March 11, 2020 – Reichert Technologies®, a unit of AMETEK’s Ultra Precision Technologies Division, is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with CATS Tonometer, LLC to distribute the CATS™ Reusable Tonometer Prism in the United States. The patented CATS™ Tonometer Prism represents a breakthrough in intraocular pressure (IOP) accuracy over the traditional Goldmann prism.

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  • AMETEK MOCON Launches the OX-TRAN 2/28 H, A New High Throughput Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

    martedì, febbraio 25, 2020 953 giorni fa

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN, February 25, 2019 – AMETEK MOCON — the leading global provider of permeation analyzers, package testing instruments and gas controllers/sensors — launched a new high-throughput oxygen permeation analyzer called the OX-TRAN 2/28 H.

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  • Solutions from AMETEK Gatan Help Advance Coronavirus Vaccine Development

    giovedì, febbraio 20, 2020 958 giorni fa

    BERWYN, PA, February 19, 2020 – Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health created the first 3D atomic scale map of the 2019 novel coronavirus. This breakthrough will allow for the rapid development of vaccines, therapeutic antibodies, and other medical countermeasures. The researchers used AMETEK Gatan’s K3™ camera to map a part of the virus called the spike protein, which it uses to penetrate host cells, allowing it to replicate.

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  • AMETEK Land to Reveal New Innovations in Temperature Measurement Systems for Steel Industry at AISTech 2020

    mercoledì, febbraio 19, 2020 959 giorni fa

    SHEFFIELD, UK, 19 FEBRUARY 2020 - AMETEK Land, a leader in industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, will reveal its enhanced Slag Detection System with IMAGEPro-SDS Software at AISTech 2020, happening 4 to 7 May in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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